Nexthash Smart Mining, not limited to Bitcoin

Mining on your own is unprofitable

Solo mining is fading away and mining pools are becoming more and more popular. But why is it so difficult to mine on your own and how can you start earning more revenue?

Many cryptocurrencies have limited launch capacity, which has led developers to come up with different ways to slow down the mining process to avoid running out. In short, the more popular a token is, the harder it is to mine.

With Nexthash, you are not limited to mining only bitcoins, our intelligent mining algorithm switches between different cryptocurrencies and chooses the most profitable one at the moment. All proceeds are then converted into high value cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, etc. This is the most popular and secure cryptocurrency that is unlikely to depreciate in value or leave the market. Therefore, we are just saving and exchanging money with Bitcoin.



The cryptocurrency mined by miners is used to calculate payments for blocks of information. Today, the most popular coins are mined jointly by a group of miners. A group of miners has a better chance of completing a block than a single miner. As a result, mining pools have a higher and more stable income for the same load.

Starting a mining pool is like starting a business: you need knowledge, skills, money and luck. However, for Nexthash users, everything is much easier. We have solved all the technical problems. All you need to do is to invite as many people as possible. You will earn interest for each active miner. the Nexthash network can contain up to several levels: the users you invite will lead others, they will encourage more people to join, and so on. Even a small network can increase your income compared to mining alone. Make an effort to invite as many people as possible and make sure you maintain good interest over time.