Tongyu Communication and PPF Telecom Group have further in-depth cooperation


In May 2022,Tongyu Communication Inc. completed the antenna project order cooperation with THE Hungarian branch of PPF Telecom Group, which is a further in-depth cooperation after the cooperation with the Czech branch in 2021.

In 2014, PPF entered the telecommunications market by acquiring O2 Czech Republic, PPF Telecom Group consolidates PPF Group’s investments in telecommunications. After years of development, PPF Telecom Group became the largest multinational telecommunications operator in Central Europe.

PPF集团- 快懂百科

At the beginning of 2019, Tongyu Communication started technical exchanges with the Hungarian technical director of PPF Telecom Group , after many seminars and rigorous technical evaluation, all the four models of antenna samples also Budapest university laboratory through strict test, obtained the highly recognized by PPF.In 2021, The Czech branch of PPF Telecom group has launched order cooperation with Tongyu Communication.

In May 2022, The Hungarian branch launched order cooperation with Tongyu Communications, further in-depth cooperation. Tongyu Communication Inc was founded in 1996. Mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of mobile communication antennas, radio frequency devices, optical modules and other products, and is committed to providing communication antennas, radio frequency device products and integrated products and solutions for domestic and foreign mobile communication operators and equipment integrators.

In the 5G era, Tongyu took the lead in launching AFU (Antenna Filter integration) products worldwide, and achieved batch commercialization.Vigorously invest in developing the next generation of high efficiency and high performance base station antenna products. And began strategic deployment and pre-research in millimeter wave and 6G antenna fields.

In the future, Tongyu Communication will continue to optimize services and deepen the cooperation with PPF Telecom Group, usher in greater development.

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